cr-read.jpgThe following strategies come from the International Reading Association's website, There is so much there - it is worth subscribing to as it is pretty cheap and very informative.

These strategies use the print from the local environment as methods to engage and support students to have confidence in their reading ability.

Visualization Strategies to support comprehension for very young readers

Message from the Board of Studies NSW Thursday, 04 November 2010
New activities for Stage 1 and 2 English are available on the Board's Assessment Resource Centre (ARC). The reading activity for Stage 1 and the reading aloud activity for Stage 2 provide students with unfamiliar texts to read aloud and answer questions.

Teachers are encouraged to try these activities then submit their students' answers for inclusion on the ARC. Students and schools are not identified and the What's New page provides details on how to submit students' work.

Further information Kerry Blight
Stage 1 – oral reading and comprehension questions activity

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